BENEATH OBLIVION is a Midwestern, USA based doom band focused on the brutal realities of modern life, and the futility of our modern world. The band's sound has been described as a lurching, soul searching type of (almost post) DOOM "...a suffocating, monolith of sludge metal". A rust belt Doom band in the truest sense, with a DIY ethos, the band has been active for well over a decade. Mixing elements of funeral, classic doom, and sludge to create something unique, the band incorporates samples, downtrodden tempos and tunings to evoke a true sense of dread. A wall of abrasive, caustic sounds awash in a backdrop of funeral hymns and swirling smoke. Imagery and lyrics dealing with police brutality, social injustices, and a deteriorating core of the city and the inner self. Of gas maked children, atomic horrors, and a cold, apocalyptic future... the last gasps of the deposed, a doomed society, down tuned, downtrodden, dropping out... "the sound of the end, marching forward."


BENEATH OBLIVION have just completed work on their third full length album, "The Wayward and the Lost" with legendary engine(ear) Billy Anderson, while on tour in Portland, OR at Cloud City Studios. The five songs feature the debut of James Rose (Ululatum Tollunt/Drowner) on drums and vocals. Who brings a raw, brutal element to the band, and vocals rivaling the anguished screams of vocalist/guitarist Scott Simpson. The band has stripped down to a more minimalistic, primal sound while maintaining structure and coherence, yet still crushing and slower than ever. The title track, along with "The City, a Masoleum (My Tomb)" and "The Liar's Cross" form a 45 minute trio of sorrowful, powerful doom metal, with elements of sludge and funeral doom. The band, completed by long time bassist Keith Messerle, and guitarist Allen Lee Scott (Opium Doom Cult/ex-Thorns of the Carrion) look forward to releasing "The Wayward and the Lost" in 2017 and touring again in the near future.

BENEATH OBLIVION have done several DIY tours over the years, including a massive 36 day West Coast run in late 2015, culminating in the recording of the new album. The band took some time off in '16 for the first time in a decade, and is now gearing up for a return in 2017. Over the years, Beneath Oblivion has had the priviledge to share the stage with some of the heaviest artists in music. Bands such as UN, CHRCH, UNEARTHLY TRANCE, FORN, USNEA, BUZZ-OVEN, JUCIFER, SKELETON WITCH, HARVEY MILK, AGALLOCH, GRAVES AT SEA, BASTARD FEAST, TWINGIANT, ANCESTORS, DESTROY JUDAS, WEEDEATER, DESTROYER OF LIGHT, BEFORE THE EYEWALL, FISTER, MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT, SAMOTHRACE, COUGH, SALOME, the GREAT SABATINI, ACROSS TUNDRAS, SIN OF ANGELS, NOOSEBOMB, APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE, OCEAN, LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR, AUTHOR AND PUNISHER, MORNE, AMAROK, THE ASCENT OF EVERST, YAKUZA, THE BODY, WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM, CLOUD RAT, THOU, JUNIUS, FISTULA, HULL, HIGHGATE, COELACANTH, MALA IN SE, INNER ARMA, NEGATIVE REACTION, KYLESA, PALLBEARER, and many many more...
-2004 - "The Melancholy Demo" -2 song CDR demo/ self released
-2006 - "Existence Without Purpose" - Full-length record/ self released
-2007 - Split 10" record w/ Sin of Angels through 43rd Parallel Records
-2009 - "One Year of Deprivation" & "No Man or Deity"- 10" record through Mylene Sheath Records
-2011 - "Be My Destroyer" 7" split w/ Angel Eyes through Mylene Sheath Records
-2011 - "From Man to Dust" 2xLP & CD through Mylene Sheath Records
-2015- "The City a Masoleum (My Tomb)" tour cassette/ Self-released
-2017- "The Wayward and the Lost" (TBA)